I’m a heart-centred space holder, weaver of pockets of peace, intuitive guide & bodywork practitioner for women located in Warrnambool, Victoria & surrounding areas. 

Hi, I'm Janelle

Are you stuck in a constant state of doing?

Does everything in your life feel like just another thing to tick off your list?

Do you struggle to switch off and settle your mind?

Do you know you need to take some time out for self care, but keep putting it off?

Have you lost touch with the things that once lit you up?


Lovely womxn, it’s time to reclaim your power, and come home to yourself.

Through the earthly modalities of Intuitive Massage, Reiki & Bush Flower Essences I help women slow down, reconnect with & nourish themselves, so that they can:


  • Experience a deeper and more intimate relationship with themselves

  • Reconnect with the wisdom of their bodies, and step away from their incessant thoughts

  • Sleep more soundly and go through their days feeling rested, calm & relaxed

  • Feel more focussed & clear headed

  • Create a balance between the things they love to do, & their responsibilities and commitments

  • Be in the present moment, & free from worry about the future.

I believe that in order for women to thrive, they need to remember how to embody the divine qualities of their innate feminine energy. This means...

MORE (yin)








heart &womb



LESS (yang)








 mind & ego 



I've been where you are...


I’ve run myself into the ground, & burnt myself out. I’ve tired myself out so much during the work week that all I’ve been capable of doing come Saturday is vege out at home. I’ve run from goal to goal without stopping to question if they were actually aligned with where I wanted to be. I’ve been up at all hours of the night because my mind won’t shut off. I’ve questioned whether or not there’s more to life.


It was no way for me to live, and it’s no way for you to live. Your life can feel so much lighter, enjoyable and calm. When I started reconnecting with myself, my body & womb, & investing in my self care, things began to feel s-p-a-c-i-o-u-s. I could finally breathe again, laugh & hear the long lost ancient whispers of my heart.


It's my desire to support you in cultivating these feelings for yourself.


Choose your journey...


My approach to massage has been influenced by Swedish methods with the aim to deliver relaxation to the whole body.  You can expect to experience long, rhythmical gliding strokes, fluid movements & an intuitive approach to every session


What is Reiki? REIKI = LOVE


Reiki is a gentle, hands-on (unless facilitated via distance) energy practice that works on the subtle bodies, chakra system & aura of a womxn. I like to personally imagine that it’s like receiving an energy massage. Sounds divine right!

Bush flower essences

Flower essences are a gentle vibrational remedy that support energetic & emotional healing in the mind, body & spirit. They are high frequency plant-allies that work intimately with the unseen auras & energetic bodies, which when harmonized, have a ripple effect on our emotional, mental & spiritual wellbeing.

Sacred women's circles

Sacred women's circles are intended to provide a space where women can celebrate their innate feminine energy, open their hearts to one another, share their wisdom, and connect. The circles are sacred, safe and healing beyond measure.

Kind words

Janelle’s true gift, that she brings to her profession, is that she does not get trapped into thinking she needs to “save” a woman, rather she knows and trusts that each woman is a powerful creator capable of saving herself.

Sarah Fiess, Co-Founder Australian Women's Day

Let’s guide you back home to yourself and your feminine core ...


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